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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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it's an all new show today "right this minute." road workers hear faint cries under an icy lake and >> hey, there's a dog out there. >> see the remarkable moment he knows his rescue is near. >> are you ready to get started? >> i am ready. >> her hair is about to go neon with a -- >> glow in the dark style. >> how to not get lost in the crowd ever again. >> yes, yes! >> a wing suit base jumper forgets something critical until -- >> right before they pull the
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chance to win a new ipad mini. and a grandmother teaching self-defense. >> incredible. >> the story of the 73 year old with some mad sword skills. >> i pity the fool who thinks they could steal her purse. in this video, some road workers notice on the frozen lake there was a hole in the middle and realize, hey, there's a dog out congres commandeered a wooden boat and used their powers to get out to the dog. >> you can hear the dog's cries. >> the lengths that people will go to rescue innocent animals and people get themselves in situations that shows there's humanity left in the world. >> this dog is cold and wet and has been in the water for about an hour. you can see it up there up ahead. >> by this point it's now a matter of minutes.
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better look at the dog. this dog luckily has a winter coat giving it some protection. look, somebody grabs it by the scruff of its neck. and scoops it up into the boat. >> he's a big guy. >> once they got him to shore they started a fire to warm him up and gave him a blanket. the good news is, the dog is out of the water and warmed up and where it belongs, running around, messing up neighbor's flower bed. also stuck in a frozen lake in russia, ducks. according to a report, these ducks were put in this area to make it more scenic, give people in the area something to look at, but they said when it was frozen over, they'd need to remove the ducks and move them to another area so they wouldn't get stuck. >> we don't control nature and
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know. >> scooped him up, put him in boxes, hold the ducks and put them in boxes so they can be transported to a better place for them. >> here at "right this minute" we do our best to get the stories behind the videos and the stories behind these two videos are crazy. watch this. obviously, a pedestrian just hit by that car. you see on the dash cam the driver quickly gets out, tries to get the person to get feet. realize she's clearly unconscious. >> leaves her? >> walks away and it gets worse. that was his own dash cam, but you see from surveillance cameras she does just walk away, leaving his car there. walks home, got his wife, walks his wife to the police station, and pinned this accident on her. made her take the blame. told the police, my wife was driving, accidently hit somebody.
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>> yeah, he had been drinking, that's why he didn't want to take blame for this, but police were immediately suspicious and looked at his dash cam and the surveillance cameras, put everything together. now both are being charged for fraud. good news is, the woman was taken to the hospital, treated and released. she's going to be okay. now over to sydney, australia, where cameras captured this incident. car crashed right into a power pole. immediately you see a driver get driver's on the other side, he runs away. soon after the passenger gets out and begins stumbling away from this incident. this incident was intentional. that man is identified as paul moore, 47 years old in the passenger seat. his ex-fiance, kelly williams, kelly was allegedly kidnapped earlier in the day. paul had a history of violence. police say he was trying to kill her with this incident.
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with attempted murder. >> i hope they keep him locked up for a long, long time. ikea, their stores are known for having perfectly impeccable, gorgeously put together displays, but of all of their displays, this is perhaps the most significant one. it's called 25 square meters of in one of their stores in norway, they created a replica of a home that belongs to this woman and her family of nine. just to show what it looks like. >> the definition of privileged is thinking something isn't a problem because that problem doesn't affect you. it's out of sight, out of mind, and these people are human beings that are going under immense suffering right now. >> and the questions for the people in syria are, do we have access to water, do we have
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care. >> think about it, ikea is an international brand and they are taking out retail space during the holiday season to tell the story. >> if you keep walking through this display, you realize that they do have the tags attached to some of the items in the home, but the red tag at the very bottom tells you how you can get involved or how you can help and that in this case was donating to the red cross. >> this is a great teachable moment for the kids that you see goin their kids through there. you see the girl playing with the toys that those kids would be playing with. >> such a great idea, because exactly the same theory they use to sell things, make you feel this could be my house. well, that could be your house. it' it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need monday's buzz word, 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident.
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in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. certain skill set are necessary to be a wing suit pilot. one of the most important is to have the bravery to do this and jump off a cliff. good for you, you got it, buddy. next up, to develop the skills to be able to then fly your wing suit. this pilot not doing any proximity flying, keeping a respectable difference from the cliff, but proximity is going to come into play in this landing area, looking straight down, you can see the camera mounted on the helmet. eventually they look up right before they pull the parachute. like i said, proximity is an issue. it's proximity to the ground. you can see a whole slew of trees right now and immediately see we are way too low. we've got no forward motion and we're going to go. >> were there holes in that parachute?
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>> i honestly feel like this person miscalculated a bit. opened too late, too low, and as such after losing the forward momentum, you see this has no way to be able to glide into the landing. this is a lesson to learn. >> safe to say this pilot's okay? >> from the way the landings happened, speed isn't too high, the tree not too big. seems to be a very sort of -- it's ugly, but not painful. >> that pilot is lucky. strapped in to the lines. now he's going to hang from the trees instead of slamming all the way down. >> we learn from mistakes, but don't want to make mistakes when doing that stuff. a puppy is stranded on a surf board. >> golden retriever to the rescue. >> almost bumped him. >> see how this rescue ends. and plar cuss was feeling like a champ after a workout until he went back to the locker room and realized -- no key, no
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is this one right here. >> whoa, yes, feels more and more. yes! >> oh, my gosh. >> wahoo! >> looks like a super hero. >> yeah, that is designed by guy, a very well recognized hairstylist, hair artist, i should say, of the internet. this is his glow in the dark style. >> that's though. >> if we go to the beginning of the video, he walks us through that entire process. >> yes, yes! >> yes! look at that. yes! yes! yes! oh, do that again. do that again, yes. >> he then brushed on different types of dyes, including fuchsia, yellow, orange, red in an hombre-like pattern.
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see the colors picked up on the camera. just insane. look at that. like fire. >> they actually do manage to get it to glow in the dark. >> right, under a black light. >> ultimate club hair. >> isn't that cool? >> never lose your girlfriend, right? if she had hair like that in the club, there she is. >> you could never lie about going to the bathroom when wanting to get away from annoying friends. >> i'm obsessed, guys, i'm i know you are, too. love you guys. >> going to the gym, get that testosterone pumping. feels like a real man until you go back to the locker room and realize i locked my keys in the locker. now you have to eat a little crow and ask somebody, can you open my locker. that's what marcus from the marcus and sandy show on star 101.3 in san francisco had to do. marcus -- marcus had to get
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>> at least they can do it in a quiet way that's not going to attract attention. >> sure. >> sparks flying everywhere. yeah, yeah, that was me. >> marcus probably should have waited a second or two before he grabbed the broken lock. >> might be a little warm. >> a little? >> yeah, it's hot, thanks. >> what's not embarrassing is
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"right this minute." >> yeah! thank you very much, mac dreidel back once again for another installment of real ornce again installment of real or fake, where you can either keep it real or -- get the fake out! >> video number one! >> jumungi! >> the >> there are people i get too close to them. . not their fault. this looks like he might be sleeping for days, though. >> i'm going to have to get real. 99% shot nick is behind the camera. >> definitely real. >> yeah, the reactions every time, always looked shock, not fake at all. i'm going real with you on this one. >> video number two. >> frozen fish out of the freezer. going to put it in this water here and stay tuned. >> there's another fish in
12:49 pm
happen? >> oh, is this like the bee thing where you can temporarily make the bee fall asleep? by freezing it and bringing it back? >> i don't see what would be fake at all. >> this is real, all in one shot, you saw it swimming, still rolling now. i think it's possible. i'm going real. >> i'm going real with an asterisk because it's possible because they breed human body parties and put them back in you. >> freezer looks like a flash freeze kind of thing. >> the heart to stop. >> also may have caught it this morning. >> the internet says this fish is an arctic black fish and they can be frozen in mud and sometimes a block of ice and survive without an issue, while water freezes at zero degrees celcius, the blood in fishes sometimes freezes at a minus .56 degrees or .65 degrees celcius, so the blood can still be flowing in the fish while the
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>> wow! >> that's what i was trying to tell y'all. >> so we're going real on this. >> video number three. >> this video appears to be taking place in russia. i guess they are playing a virtual reality game. >> i'm calling fake. never interested when you're playing games. >> oh! >> yeah, okay. definitely going fake after we see the guy get hit by the car. >> yeah, i'm going with that, too. only person that really knows what's going on is the guy wearing the goggles. >> right. his experience by pushing him around. >> you get hit, throws the controller to the left. definitely fake, mac, come on. >> this is fake. i think the set up at the end and impact, not hard enough. if you're going to fake it, you might need to break a bone or two. dogs just want to help. >> dogs are the most helpful creatures in the world and sometimes you only need one, but three have to get involved like in this video.
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surf board. that poor puppy. it senses danger. golden retriever to the res crew. >> almost bumped him. >> jumped in with the life vest on and immediately puts his mouth on the board and pushes the puppy to safety. another dog says it's pool time. now two of them are guiding the board to the side of the pool. in this next doesn't really want to help out. that is the corgi helping on the channel, today's recipe is a little french cooking. >> does he make wupples? >> no, he and chef matt are making kibble. basically, kibble with meat in a can with sauce and cheese. >> that's one heck of a meal. >> finally, take the hat off,
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resistant, right? they bring in the other dog. see if the other dog likes it. she's sucking the food up. i guess that's why they call her tatyana. >> still laughing. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be a canadian resident. >> go to, enter the win ipad button. >> you can enter each every day. >> let's reveal the buzz word. it is fantasy. >> head over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, fantasy. >> later this week we're also going to be having a bonus give away day, where we'll give away an ipad mini as well as a flat
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grandmother is teaching self-defense. >> she is a teacher, in fact, not only a teacher, i say master. >> watch her in action and see
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use use a soft tooth brush, though. don't get the hard one that's going to strip your skin. all appears calm and quiet outside this unassuming building in india. as the doors open, you can see it quite the opposite on the inside. >> hey, hey, >> meet 73-year-old, she is a kalari kalari teacher. in fact, not only a teacher, i say master. she has been at it for 66 years. she's got 150 students really from the ages of, like, 5 all the way up. >> incredible. i am in love right now. >> actually got the opportunity in my previous life to go to india and do it. you get right up close and personal.
12:57 pm
a sort of dance. in fact, she got started as a dancer. you've got some skills, you should try this. >> how sharp are they, though? >> pretty blunt when you get to use them, but the thing is, she also teaches the local girls in the community self-defense. she's got a great quote for them. >> tal >> talk about what it means to them. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> s >> she's got some really, really good moves. now, yes, there are injuries, but -- [ speaking in a foreign lang >> i pity the fool who thinks
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>> it's awesome. great story. if you want to see the entire thing, we'll stick it on our website, >> thanks for hanging out with
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